Separation or Divorce Services
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Ending a marriage or committed relationship can be very painful. 
We go into our marriages with the best of intent and when it doesn’t work out the way we envisioned it can be heartbreaking. It takes time to work through the past wounds and conflicts so that we are able to embrace the future with renewed hope and personal authority.
Creating a celebration or ritual around divorce or separation can be empowering and a very necessary step in our lives. Divorce can be seen as a failure or it can be seen as a necessary experience to improve our lives. 
If you see the meaning of the experiences in your life then you understand which gets you in touch with your power. When you understand you feel empowered because you know ‘why’, why this happened. When you've learned something from your experience you can start to feel gratitude for it and then you begin to heal yourself. 
A separation or divorce ceremony offers the greatest potential for closure and letting go when both people are present but there can still be an empowering ceremony if you are by yourself. Together we can create a powerful, meaningful ritual that reflects your release and forgiveness of the past and an open heart to the new beginnings of the future.
Please contact me to take advantage of a complimentary consultation to see what I have to offer you. It is very important that you feel comfortable with the officiant conducting your ceremony.  
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